Welcome to Westfalen North America

Excellent brands need fans worldwide. Westfalen horses and ponies are well known all over the world, with famous stallions such as Florestan I, Pilot and Cornet Obolensky, and superstars in sport like Damon Hill and Comme il Faut.

In North America, the Westfalen Verband has joined forces with the experienced team from the RPSI registry to develop a worldwide breeders’ association, inviting more breeders to become a part of the famous horse breed Westfalen. The new Westfalen NA brings great opportunities for breeders. The 2017 Westfalen NA inspection tour will be the most extensive in North America — reaching most of the USA and many parts of Canada.

Westfalen NA follows the bylaws of our parent organization, the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V in Germany, and offers books for Warmbloods, German Riding Ponies, Haflinger, Knabstrupper, and Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd (KDR).

Information on Westfalen Registrations, Mare and Stallion books

Foals registered with the Westfalen NA will receive the esteemed W brand of our parent organization. Westfalen NA passports are produced in Germany and are WBFSH sanctioned. All foals will be DNA typed, microchipped, and issued a complementary USEF lifetime number.

Top genetics are at your fingertips, along with access to the expertise and Old-World symbol of excellence in breeding that is the Westfalen trademark. What better representative of the breed than 2016 World Cup Champion Corbinian with rider Steve Guerdat, or Legolas under Steffen Peters! With legendary sport horses serving as cornerstones of the breed, and a thoroughly modern, forward-thinking office, registry and marketing team parading the grand traditions into the future of sporthorse breeding — there's no better place for your breeding program to call home than the Westfalen NA! Contact the Westfalen NA office at 1-605-669-2200 or email us. Watch for a new website launch, and updates on Facebook as well.